Wireless Technology  
DGKom are focused on Long Range, High Capacity WiFi Infrastructure. This segment of the market application is supported only by a few brands in the whole world. Being a Technology Driven Solution Provider, DGKom has selected the best to offer to customers. This selection process includes thorough testing of the products. With strong relationship with principals, the selected products are DGKom’s flagship branding for WiFi.
DGKom are certified to do site survey, design, implement, install, configure and maintain Altai Technologies Ptd Ltd Super WiFi line of products. DGKom have direct contact to Altai Technologies in Hong Kong, which is their Headquarters for support.
Today, DGKom has deployed more than 300 sites using Altai Technologies products.
The total solution provided by DGKom for Wireless Technology includes:
• Wireless Access Points (AP) – Indoor and Outdoor
• Backhaul / Network Integration
• Service Controller
• Network Bonding / Balancer
• Back-end Wireless Integration
• Professional Wireless Services – Design, Coverage Mapping etc.
Customer Support
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