The Management  

"We are a people-focused company. The strength of this firm is its human resources. This is what makes us strong. The commitment, dedication and loyalty of both staff and management is what drive this company forward"

-Syed Md Fahmy Zaki Almahdaly
Executive Director


The corporate strength of D.G.Kom does not begin and end with good management. All through the years, there is a healthy measure of solidarity and goodwill amongst every employee working within D.G.KOM. Ideas, concepts, and strategies are conceived, encouraged, formulated, and developed together. It is the sense of satisfaction that is the end results of a fruitful, collective contribution that is one of D.G.KOM's success secrets.

D.G.Kom is a Bumiputra company which consists of over 80 experienced personnels. D.G.Kom is a people corporation, upon which the success and failure rests. Hence, whenever a D.G.Kom IT team undertakes a project, it is a collective intelligence, innovation, and drive that will be instruments of success.

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