Perimeter Security  
DGKom is an appointed Malaysian Local Agent of Secure-Globe Pty Ltd. This entitles DGKom to Import, Sell, Implement and Conduct Maintenance Services for Secure-Globe Perimeter Security Solutions. Backed by our distinctive ICT background and expertise, DGKom offers one the most advanced perimeter security solutions within the market, combining physical deterrent system, active video analytics, ICT technology, Network Infrastructure / Security, Multiple Power Source (Grid / Solar) and advanced centralized control system.
The Secure-Fence system is an advanced perimeter protection solution that has been developed significantly different than any other system on the market. The key differentiator is the active manner in which the protection works. Using electric shocks, this security system is a virtually impregnable hindrance to trespassers. The advanced power system ensures that the system keeps detecting even when the power supply has been cut off. The Energizer system produces high voltage peaks with a maximum of 9000/5500 Volts. The shock effect resulting from high voltage is naturally a deterrent and will not cause physical harm.
Upon detection, the system will be able to trigger multiple responses such as the following (not limited to):
Trigger Flood/Spot Lights
Trigger PTZ Cameras to Zoom at Point of Detection
Trigger Building Alarm
Trigger Security Personnel Off-site Alarm (Over Network):
  Alert Security / Police.
Trigger Log.
Trigger Remote Monitoring Devices (Through Text/SMS [GSM] / Email)
Available Perimeter Security solution includes Secure-Video, an advanced video analytics system that can be deployed in virtually any type of surveillance camera (IP, Analog, HD, Thermal, Low-Lux, PTZ). With Secure-Video, users will be able to benefit from the following (not limited to):
Highlight motion detection with trail
Highlight missing objects (Stolen)
Highlight abandoned objects (eg potential bomb detection)
Trace function with camera to camera trail function.
Detect Tailgating on Secured Access and head count.
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