Document Management System (DMS)  
DMS is an enterprise content management system with management capabilities for all type of content including business document, photo, video, medical images, e-mail, reports etc. Our solution comprises of features which include document management, collaboration, search, content classification, scan & capture management, process management, compliance, reports management and also archiving.

Benefits of DMS we provide :

Eliminate inherent paper problems such as missing, torn, duplication and
  uncontrolled distribution.
Achieve similar benefit as e-mail i.e. instant delivery and retrieval from anywhere.
Electronic filing - sharing, security, fast access, extended reach and zero waiting time.
Connect people, process and information across the enterprise.
Cost saving in terms of manpower time spent in filing and searching for documents.
Minimize the risk of lost and misplaced documents.
Enforce best practice and regulatory compliance
Professional Document Scanning & Digitization Services
With papers piling up in your record store and taking up spaces, there will come time when they will need to converted into digital format. Those records in digital format can then be used for further manipulation such as fast retrieval and archiving. Our Professional Scanning and Digitization Services will help you with all the scanning and digitization process.

In providing the service :

We prepare all the necessary equipment and software for the scanning and
  digitization process.
We adhere to the customer's security and safety policy of the documents to be
We do the scanning and digitization process at the customer's preferred place.
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